Hearty Greetings from Arya Bhangy!

The Masters in Hand Carved Doors

Aryabhangi is the unrivaled brand in delivering the best quality handcrafted doors for the past few decades. We have mastered the art of carving lively stories on wood during the time to present the wooden surprises every time. We have been successful in adorning your homes with the super quality wooden doors, front doors, artistic doors, pooja mandapams that add the aura to your home, along with the grand and safe entrance doors. With the handpicked, skilled artistic door experts as the backbone, we are about to celebrate our golden jubilee, ensuring customized and pleasing designs. Being of the most experienced brand in the field we pay special attention to observe and imbibe the modern trends to create exquisite designs in wood that stands the test of time. We are also the experts in carving pooja doors, temple doors with ancient story designs, mosque doors as well as church doors, sensibly.

About Arya Bhangy

Hand Crafted Teakwood Doors

We have always been passionate about artistically crafted doors, since 1969.

We have more than 650 designs each of which illustrates our expertise and artistic sense. We also take orders for customized designs exclusively for your homes. Our artistic doors are the best and elegant testimonials of endurance and fine workmanship. Prudent house owners, designers, and architects rely on Arya Bhangy for the design, craft, and delivery of wooden doors not only for their homes, but also for offices and establishments. We have spread our presence with the manufacturing facility in UAE to meet the requirements from the Middle East.

100% Natural Wood
Best Quality & Price
Timely delivery
25 years warranty


wooden door experts
Aryabhangy Builders
Our venture into construction began in 2008. As quality, design, trust and affordability is our signature, we ensure you get the finest in hospitality, residential and commercial property.
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Aryabhangy Motors
We are the authorised dealers for Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Ltd., as well as for sales, parts, and service. We began the dealership in 2003 and till date have sold lakhs of units.
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Aryabhangy Hotels
Trusted for decades, Aryabhangy has its own class from the Traditional Hand Carved Wooden Doors to Building/Flats. Hotel Aryabhangy Sugar is one of the new entrants of Aryabhangy Group.